Coney Sauce





Coney Sauce
Coney Sauce

Get ready to turn your taste buds into party animals with Faneek’s Coney Sauce! This sauce is not your average condiment – it’s a flavor-packed superhero that’s super versatile, all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. It’s like a culinary chameleon, adapting to any dish with ease. Whether you’re dunking your favorite snacks, jazzing up veggies, or transforming your tofu, Faneek’s Coney Sauce is the ultimate sidekick. Plus, it’s not just a sauce – it moonlights as a marinade, adding a punch of deliciousness to your grilling game. Say goodbye to bland and hello to the life of the party – Faneek’s Coney Sauce is here to make your meals pop with fun and flavor!

Where Can I Get Faneek’s Coney Sauce?!

Located in our 40 stores in MA, RI, TN, OK & online on Amazon and Famous Foods. Use the store locator below to find a store that sells our amazing Faneek’s Coney Sauce near you!

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Dive into a saucy adventure with Faneek’s Coney Sauce, now available for wholesale in three tantalizing sizes: 6oz, 12oz, and 32oz! Whether you’re a small boutique looking to spice up your shelves or a bustling market in need of a flavor explosion, we’ve got you covered. Our signature Coney Sauce is a game-changer, bringing a burst of zesty delight to any dish. Ready to elevate your culinary offerings? Just fill out the form, and faster than you can say “sauce-ome,” a Faneek’s representative will be in touch to sprinkle some flavor magic into your business. Get ready for a taste revolution!

Coney Sauce